This webcam has operated more or less continuously since the Summer of 2000. A variety of cameras and software were used initially, including 3Com Home Connect, Creative Videoblaster Webcam3, and a Nogatech each with their own special problems. From around October 2000 it was a combined camera/software system by StarDot Technologies, "Wincamlive". One of it's drawbacks is the system is combined, and uses the serial port. So you can't use their software with another camera. Over the years it seemed the quality of the picture deteriorated and it be came very hard to generate a good picture no matter how much the software was tweaked. It was replaced in December 2003 with a new camera, a Logitech Clicksmart 510. The camera and supplied software failed to live up to expectations, but the bigger picture was a step forward. The software is Vision GS Business Edition software. This also has it's limits, notably that you can only post in 15 minute blocks. This is why the time of posting has moved from 7:27am to 7:30am.


The postings from 2000-2003 at 7:27am were designed to try to catch the government ferry as it passed west accross my window from Lower Ferry Dock to Hodsdons Ferry Dock at around that time. There were many successful "hits" and you can see them here.

New ferry cam?

It seems that occasionally the picture captures in the distance a new fast ferry and/or an old ferry after it has left the Hamiliton terminal and heads out west past the RBYC.